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Fonderie SCM

A seventy-year history

SCM foundries are part of the important international group SCM GROUP, world leader in the woodworking machinery and systems industry.

SCM Group has 27 production plants in Italy, employs 3.800 people and its turnover is around 650 million euros. It exports 70% of its production to 120 countries through subsidiaries, distributors and agents; it has a positive financial position and a worldwide leadership

Two families, Aureli and Gemmani, who have been sharing the management for three generations, own the company since the beginning, in 1937, when two partners, Nicola Gemmani and Lanfranco Aureli, founded a factory specialized in the production of agricultural machines and a foundry for iron castings. In 1952, it was decided to start producing also woodworking machines, the first of which was engineered by the young Giuseppe Gemmani and was produced, for the first time, industrally; its mark, would become famous all over the world.

Therefore, at the beginning SCM foundries production was specialized in components for woodworking machinery and later became more and more prominent in the production for a third party up to the actual 90% of the overall turnover.

Nowadays SCM foundries produce, with two factories located in Rimini and in Villa Verucchio respectively, grey and nodular iron castings for various sectors of the market: textile industry, automotive, robotics, tractors, cranes, woodworking machines, compressors, pumps, gear boxes and urban devices are just some of the many ways in which our castings are used. Besides, recently, SCM foundries set up the process for the production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) castings, a material, with intermediate properties between grey and nodular iron, that is becoming popular particularly in the automotive sector.

The continuous improvement in the search for a high quality product, leaded SCM foundries to introduce, since the beginning of the 90s, a Quality Management System that later has been certified with ISO 9000 standards.

Today, especially thanks to a highly qualified engineering department and to the acquisition of software packages being able to simulate the manufacturing process, SCM foundries put themselves forward as an important partner in the co-engineering, prototyping and startup phases.