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Quality & Environment

SCM Foundries, inside SCM GROUP's Components Division, are the most active company within external market with over 90% of their products sold to a third party belonging to various mechanical sectors and all over the Europe.

SCM Foundries, being present in the group since its foundation, have always been considered from the owners and the top management of the group to be a division in the vanguard of technological research, new solutions sperimentation, cooperation with Customers and hence being able to provide total quality and service: in other words a prestigious industry for our brand and the whole group.

In this way, the main strategy of our management is aimed to improve service quality since the very first contact with our Customers, in order to cooperate in researching and developing their new products up to the final after sales service; the high quality of our products is the natural consequence of this philosophy.

A particular care is taken of those product or process planning solutions aimed to increase the efficiency and to optimize the ratio between performance and cost.

The previous stated strategy is carried out firstly by means of developing a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9000/2000 international standards that represent our philosophy at best; other activities are aimed to improve suppliers quality, to monitor our manufacturing processes in order to reach higher performances, to manage possible non-compliances or defects inside or outside the factory and to improve Customers satisfaction.

Our Management takes care of Health, Safety and Environment as well; in this way, SCM Foundries have always invested important human and economical resources in realizing eco-compatible manufacturing plants and processes aimed to safeguard workers health and safety, knowing for sure that, working hard on these problems together with Quality, is a decisive factor in managing a company that considers lasting reliability as an inalienable strength more and more appreciated by international Customers.

Hence, in order to assure the highest possible levels of quality and environmental protection, SCM Foundries commit theirselves to apply and continuously improve an Environmental Management System that helps in achieving the following strategic targets:

  • act responsibly respecting environmental laws
  • comply to voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 14001; apply and respect all its requirements
  • evaluate corporate processes and activities
  • fix and pursue environmental targets in order to prevent pollution and continuously improve
  • assure a correct use of existing technologies and, where economically and tecnologically possible, try to improve these technologies or to adopt new and more advanced ones from the point of view of environment and safety
  • further reduce environmental impact of our processes
  • adopt all necessaries measures in order to reduce environmental impact connected with emergency situations
  • assure that each worker is involved, partecipates and fully shares corporate policy and targets in order to develop a pollution prevention and energy saving oriented culture inside the company
  • assure that all the workers have been properly informed and trained about Environmental Management System requirements and that they fully understand what these requirements mean within their job in the company and their working behaviour
  • select and promote a developement of suppliers in conformity with this policy
  • do periodical inspections and audits in order to identify and prevent possible non-compliances with respect to Environmental Management System requirements
  • pursue an open and positive attitude towards citizens, Public Authorities and other interested parties
  • periodically review the Environmental Management System policy and application in order to evaluate the correctness and effectiveness and continuously improve

The UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 international standard fits very well together with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System already active and well-established in our company.

All the people who have in charge company departments, inside a well-defined organization chart and with the availability of suitable resources, are put in a position to carry out this policy and must undertake to motivate and involve all their staff.